Rooted // Reflection



in my practice

in my teaching

in my wisdom

in my authentic self

in listening to my inner voice as a guide 

                                while whispers of my teachers, my experiences, my memories






by my conviction

by my love

by my passion

by my wonder, amazement & curiosity

                        of this path

                                                   of this life–  

shaped by the past,

                                      living in the present,

creating the future. 


I am so grateful, inspired and LIT UP by last week’s opening module of my 300hr yoga teacher training program. I do not even know where to start, so I will leave you with this reflection. It just touches the surface of all the rich conversations, experiences and knowledge regarding the physical body, emotional body and spiritual body I absorbed over the five days.  I am feeling more grounded, integrated and full  as the seasons shift into late fall. As my body processes all the information, I will be starting to slowly incorporate some new ideas into my classes and perhaps an upcoming blog post. Keep an eye on social media or on my classes page  for my subbing schedule!

Peace, love and Namaste,



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