A Mini Morning Movement Meditation

in the quiet peace of the morning

the open presence of a new day

the empty slate. the blank canvas. the fresh page.

if I first slow down to listen, awaken, observe:

my heart is speaking.

but am I listening?


Mornings sometimes come and go quickly. Other times they seem hang around like the grey overcast of winter, the end always seems just out of reach. In many spiritualities and religions the morning is a sacred time. It is a time for reflection. A time to reset before heading, full throttle as it so often feels in the hustle of city life, into the day.

I am a self proclaimed morning person. My routine at dawn has shifted, morphed and changed over the years. From drinking coffee and reading a book. To lacing up my running shoes and heading out to drink in the morning air. Rolling out my yoga mat for a full practice at sunrise. Currently, it is a mix of it all. Some movement. A little mediation. Maybe I read or write. But there is always coffee. I have found in the winter mornings, my body is more a tuned to move slowly, quietly. Meditation and gratitude has slowly found its way to be more prevalent in whichever way my morning routine is ebbing.

My husband has been asking me to come up with a little morning routine for him to practice before he heads of for work. After several weeks of promises, I have finally produced. It is 10-15 minutes long. Just enough time to awaken the body, mind and spirit to the limitless potential of the new day.


How do you begin your day? Do you have a morning ritual?

Love & Light,


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