This morning as I pedaled down the rain soaked ally,

I fell in love with the sky.

A tumultuous mirror of the life below,

ever changing, shifting, and evolving.

The dark and the light casting shadow and sunlight

onto the city and what I once perceived to be lost in the concrete.

It is truly in the tender fleeting moments I slow down:

The robin reemerging after a storm to sing its morning song.

The trees green growth heavy with potential after the downpour.

The soaring buildings embraced by thick low clouds along the lakeshore.

The world is always there waiting for you,

inviting you to share in its quiet, beautiful secret.


Another season, another training! This module of my 500hr is called DIVERSIFIED. It is still asking me to question, reflect and write. This poem emerged from our first prompt today. However, we are also bringing in more anatomy and somatic educators during the week. I love to add sensory awareness and intentional movement exercises into my yoga classes from beyond the traditional yoga lexicon. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge so I can share with my classes! I also plan to get back on a bi-monthly blog routine as we round out spring and arrive at summer. I hope to share more poems, reflections, and yoga tips.

Stay tuned for a post about yoga in parks, rooftop bars and more soon ❤

Love & Light,


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