Summer Poem // Source



The forest and rivers call to you

like the sparrow laughing at the edge of the meadow,

or the wind whispering through the trees before a storm.

Beckoning you to return again to your roots, your headwaters. 

Pointing you back to the source of creativity and unconditional love. 

It is deeper, richer and more profound than any complicated words on a page. 

Rather, it is held in the simplest of moments. 

Watching gentle mist hanging over the water at dawn,

the first rays of sunlight trickling down the tree tops. 

Staring into the vast, unimaginably blue summer sky while

wondering how the wildflower grows on such a steep mountainside.

Glimpses of a doe and her fawn deep in the wood, and

without breaking the sacred silence they leap away. 

The beauty of life presents itself like a gracious gift,

so that you may live each day with freedom, purpose and grace. 


I have finally returned to civilization (and consistent WiFi) after traveling from the beautiful mountains of Colorado, across the endless plains of Kansas, to the river valleys of southern Indiana, the lush forests of Ohio and the peaceful lakeshore of northern Wisconsin. Being so connected to nature soothes my soul making it hard to leave the quiet solitude of the outdoors, although it is good to home. I am feeling inspired to be outside more, find gratitude in simple moments and find the beauty within this noisy city.

July class and workshop schedule updated on my Classes & Workshops Page. 

Love & Light,

Kristin (and Luna)

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