Virtual Yoga Classes

I haven’t been very present on social media. I said good-bye to Instagram. I have not posted on Facebook since the summer. I have considered deleting it. The only thing keeping me tethered to the virtual reality is, in all honesty, Facebook Marketplace. Ok, just kidding. I honestly fear losing connection with the wonderful people I have met along my winding dharma path of life. So, here I am.

We are almost to a year of this new social order of quarantines, social distancing, closed gathering spaces, virtual school, virtual cocktail parties, virtual everything… I am getting exhausted of it all. I am sure most of the modern world is also experiencing the fatigue, especially healthcare workers. The past year has been hard for me, very hard. I speak for myself, but assume others feel this way as well, when I say this past year has been difficult personally, emotionally, socially, politically… just to list a few. I will admit there have been good moments. I have felt victoriously high on mountain peaks, but also left to lay alone and thirsty in a barren desert. All with out leaving my house.

It has been almost a year since I taught a group class. It has become clear I also fear virtual live yoga classes. I heard Brené Brown say on a podcast last week “when we get to the point we only do things that we’re already good at doing, we stop growing.” I have gotten several signs from the universe over the past few months, but I sometimes just need a good Brené Brown kick in the butt. So, here I am. Facing fears. Attempting something new. I am back posting on Facebook and back to teach, virtually.

I have a 4 week prenatal series starting in mid February. SIGN UP for the whole thing for a discount or pay per class. Please share with any pregnant women you may know! Beginners welcome. I am also offering privates and group privates for any student. You can have a solo session to focus on building a home practice, invite people in your COVID bubble to your living room, or join your best friend who is also pregnant (or not) and lives in California. It doesn’t matter where you live to join. Head over HERE for more information. Look for more classes and series coming soon: Friday Weekly Wind Down… De-Stress & Stretch…Postnatal Series…stay tuned.

I miss teaching. I miss hugs. I miss you. I hope you and your loved ones are well and safe.

Love & Light,


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