Writing Wednesdays // Summer Subbing

Happy Wednesday!

Just some yoga class related announcements this week:

-I’ve been subbing yoga at Willow Yoga in Arlington Heights this summer. Keep an eye on my Facebook & Instagram for updates!

-I am doing an extended sub at WY on Thursdays at 6:30pm for the remainder of this month. It will be a “Flow & Rest” class. . .  What does that mean, you ask? A little of everything: a little somatics, a little vinyasa, a little restorative, a little something special for Thursday night 🙂

-I am excited to announce that I am bringing Detox Retox to Arlington Heights on July 22nd! It will be in collaboration with the Arlington Ale House. More information here

-I missed blogging last week as we were traveling. Luckily, I brought my mat with and was able to practice in many lovely locations. Below is perhaps my favorite outdoor morning yoga spots, yet. I faced the rising sun and the house backed right up to the woods. You can almost smell the trees and hear the chorus of morning birds in the picture:


Although, I did have an unexpected visitor. It may have been my spirit animal for the morning, as I was feeling quite sluggish:


Hope to see you on the mat soon!

Peace, Love & Namaste,


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