Writing Wednesdays // New Moon

“When the moon is not full, the stars shine more brightly.” -Proverb

If you have ever taken a yoga class with me before, it is highly likely that I mentioned the moon at some point in time. Either with practicing moon salutations, setting intentions or with a creative sequence aimed at using the lunar energy. I love watching the moon rise. My dog is even named Luna. Needless to say, I believe that the natural world has an impact on our physical bodies, and in turn our subtle bodies, more than we like to admit in the modern era. I find that when I am in tune with the changes of the outside world, I am more at home with my body. It can be as simple as an awareness of the daily weather, the changing of the seasons, or the more intimate phases of the moon.

This Sunday is a new moon. New moons are a time of darkness in the sky. Often a great time see the stars and the milky way. Within this dark and quiet, we can experience more light, just like the stars. We can find some space to brighten. We can use the space to set new goals, new intentions and let new ideas grow. We can allow the seeds of creativity to take root. It is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts.

On my mat, I give myself space to reflect and renew.  I begin with an intention setting meditation. I spend a little more time in a hip opener, restorative pose, or even just downward facing dog. I take few more breaths. I give myself an extra moment to simmer and savor. Sometimes, if creativity sparks, I follow it into a dynamic vinyasa or try a new posture. But most importantly, I take time to listen to my body.

I like to take stock of my goals and intentions with each new moon. I ask myself these questions as I move. I try not to dwell on the question or the answer. I just notice what comes up and hold it lightly. What has been going well? What has not been going well? What goals need to be adjusted? Changed? Forgotten? What new goals do I have? What new ideas can be cultivated? What do I want to start from the beginning? How can my relationships can be reaffirmed or renewed? How can I use this space to encourage creativity, lightness and hope?

Try it for yourself if you would like! What intentions, goals or ideas do you want to cultivate during this new moon?

More on the full moon (my favorite!) in two weeks as we approach the peak of this lunar cycle.

Peace, love, and Namaste,


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