Writing Wednesdays // The Full Moon


Ah, the moon.

On Monday, August 7th the full moon will grace the night sky. Every approximately 29 days we cycle from one full moon to the next. Thus, every month we are able to complete a cycle experiencing both a new moon and a full moon (when there are two full moons in a month that is called a Blue Moon, like the phrase “Once in a Blue Moon”). I believe the full moon is powerful. It affects the tides of the earth, and we humans beings are made of mostly water so I think it must do something. People who work in hospitals or with children can attest to this. People like to blame the full moon when things seem off or don’t go quite as planned. Often associated with strangeness, the full moon rather is a time of openness and sensitivity.

The full moon is a time of joy. It is a light in the darkness. A time to fulfill the goals and aspirations set at the  previous new moon or earlier. It is a time to get in touch with your inner needs, desires and creativity. The night is bright, and there is no place to hide from the truth. Similarly to the new moon, the full moon is a time for reflection, self-care and quiet. But rather than planting seeds, it is a time to harvest. To take a moment to fill up with light, love and gratitude.

The moon or lunar energy is often associated with the feminine. Physically, that is the left side or location of the pingala nadi. It is a softer, yin energy often embraced with exhalation. On my mat, I will often practice this softer awareness with a mix moon salutations (see last week’s post) instead of sun salutations and a lighter hold in my postures. I allow my body to flow naturally and often let the dancerly side of my practice show with a dynamic standing sequence. Keeping the quality smooth and supple, like flowing water.

Near the end of my practice during savasana or in restorative poses, I reflect and ask questions. I try not to dwell on the question or the answer. I just notice what comes up and hold it lightly. How have things been going? What am I grateful for? What needs to be celebrated? What seeds did I plant on the new moon and how is the growth? What has come to fruition? What still needs more time? What needs to be let go of? What is the fuller, bigger picture?

Take a moment on Sunday or Monday night to look up at the sky! It is such a blessing to be able to see such magic and beauty each month. Maybe take a moment to reflect, give thanks and celebrate.

Happy Moon Days,

(& Luna)


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