Writing Wednesdays // Moon Salutations

Good Morning!

As we patiently await the full moon next week, where upon I will gush upon the loveliness of the lunar cycle and the beautiful white moon light, I have written down my moon salutations in stick figure form. I am not an artist, but I think they are pretty darn cute!MoonSalutes.jpeg

These moon salutations are a great variation on the more commonly practiced sun salutations. You can practice them any time of day, but they cultivate a bit more of the soft, feminine and yin qualities often associated with the lunar cycle. I like to do 6 rounds (R-L, R-L, R-L) at the beginning of my standing sequences to set a more lunar tone, warm up my spine and encourage a gentle breath to movement–vinyasa–in my body. You could also practice them on their own for a 5-10 minute quick home sequence. Keep your breath smooth and even. I have written down suggested breaths, but feel free to take extra breaths in poses. I encourage you to find a nice space to roll out your mat, maybe put on some gentle music, quiet your mind and link your breath to your movement. ENJOY!

Peace, Love and Namaste,


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